“A moment of our deep eye contact was enough for me to awake a feeling inside me, a feeling of security and safety. A safety that is primary, cosmic, the one you feel as a blessing of peace. Definitive and eternal. A scent of someone that you can not forget. A move that a stranger makes is very familiar to me. In my head I can see pictures, of you and me, but I can not understand them since they aren’t from this time. So unusually but known. Energy that connects and joins and it isn’t from this world. Safety and understanding, that everything is as it should be. Complete perfection. Everything is one.”

Continuing of a deep relationship that leads into astonishing dimensions of inner feelings. Through cells on every level flows an energy that is erupting from charka of our hearts. It can not be explained as a same definition of love, but more of a deep respect and acceptance. Every break of such a relationship is so devastating that not only physical bodies shatter but also astral beings are damaged in the process. So there is a question what is the meaning of these meetings? My research of the purpose of these meetings is so much stronger, because I was a part of this experience.

I understand that I have decided to be right here and now in this time. My purpose, realizes in each moment of my being. Even with this amazing experience. Man – Woman principle in the strongest power.

The unusual meetings are not only for me. For the last two years I come across a lot of souls that had a similar experience. Most strangest thing of this is that every experience they told me are almost identical. Everyone is surprised by the depth of the event and knowing one another that is almost scary to how detailed it turns out to be. But above all this, once divine, there is a veil that is pulling everything that is in our physical world. There pairs are always finding the other while the other is already in a partnership, in a family and deeply devoted to his values such as morals, social, and religious cage. The one that is in a grip of helplessness to leave everything already established is aware that he already made a tight bond somewhere in the past and is determined to see it to the end. Or the commitment they serve, obey, or covenant before God, in good and bad.

On the other hand a partner of soul which is imbued with feelings of loneliness, abandonment and deeply confronted with the fact of respect for everything to his own companion still respects the decisions of his own partner. Let this be helplessness, sadness, guilt, anger, marginalization, or just be on the other side and be waiting. Pain, which is extremely active at all levels, is on both sides and in a strong response, at the same time on both sides.

In those joining and separation, which is in a constant rotation and circulation, the energy of longing and displacement is activated an interesting energy. In the absence of “virtual” options to remain in the joint constant, as the annual expectation of Christmas. It creates the extremely high voltage energy of the heart in the shape of the sphere that glows with a diameter of up to 130km! When going on a discrepancy, it activates the pain but also the full understanding and acceptance – a kind of the sub unconditional love. So still outstanding vibration energy. For many years, I had a feeling that something is not in place when I’m told that a certain percentage of people needed for some things to change. Now it was clear why. A percentage is not important in this case, but the quality of that percentage! And that is exactly what is happening in these joints and gaits – activation of incredibly powerful energy! Further confirmation about this that I received was channeled messages from American Williamsonovee that she transferred information to me, that one such coupling cell energy, heart vibrations, equivalent to approximately 750,000 suffering beings, on the other hand. Wow … what a balance, what force! What is the purpose!

In 2012, when we all expected ruptures and entrance to the new dimensions, we  had no idea what unknown has prepared  a cosmic plan for us. One of the actions of this plan was the deep darkness before dawn or early desert time. This period is going on at this moment. But we are never without support, so it was clear that we are not going on a divine plan, through the desert without gifts! Gifts are these partnerships as are magical flasks full of refreshing water that never runs dry!

At that time I only had information about the canteen, but I did not know when and why we get these gifts. Even less it was clear that we too, me and my guardian, were a part of this divine plan. This experience is one of the most difficult in my life, the confrontation with all the knowledge that I have accumulated, and used. It is a tribute to the greatest knowledge, and a beautiful insight into the divine plan. Matrix of space and time stretches in front of me into other dimensions that i already know.

Part of this purpose of establishing a strong heart vibration that as an energy sphere vibrates in such a large diameter of 130 km, and I know at least over 30 such similar couples who are thus joining in a kind of network, as a network of cardiac energy that gives safety and holds the balance to the other part of the astral body or as we call it, it’s soul mate, as well as it hold the suffering, the desperate and affectionate sorrow. Perfect balance and unity. Therefore, even greater pain is inflicted inside as it is multi-layered and interwoven from individual consciousness, through the collective level cosmic consciousness.

Whatever the freedom of choice of these pairs each one can withdraw his own free will, and still remains the pair and the deepest love that is imbued with respect, understanding and acceptance of each partner’s decisions. It remains inside or on a higher level of unconditional love. At the same time, but with the understanding completely natural earth energy that is flowing now, understanding of their own feelings of non-fulfillment or frustration by waking deviation from this coupling cells of the heart energy. Layering these two perceptions, demonstrating a higher level of understanding of the two plans and decision-making with the liberation of convictions. There is only pure and divine love.

Through the eyes we see that souls will forever reamin in touch. In unity of the divine plan, their vibration is transmitted from natural to a higher dimension.

Mateja Vavtar 


Illustrations: Vimal Chandran – https://www.facebook.com/vimalpaintings/

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