Dear ones, welcome to therapy!

We all find ourselves in situations where we feel tired, exhausted and want to surrender and ask for help. Then we become small and full of hope. Our ego knees and allows acceptance. We accept the offered hand and in us grows strength and expectations. When you descend into the palm of someone who gives us a sense of understanding, respect and support, we were given the opportunity to work together to chart a new path.

But I’m only as a guide and your support to raise awareness of symbols and patterns. All decisions are made by ourself. You also are deciding how you will act and live on in your lives.

I work as a heart therapist – with my heart vibrations I enter in your personal matrix, connect the cosmic vibration of the heart and thus harmonizing your energy. In this way, it activates revitalizing of your program. My role is a quiet presence and preservation of cardiac vibrations until I feel that the energy is harmonized.

Therapy is needed prior agreement and harmonization of energies. Then follows work in the meditation state – I lead you into meditation in a comfortable area where you feel safe. With my presence I harmonize the energy in the recumbent or seated within an hour. I’m only present and will physically contact you only when needed, if you need a touch of security.

In this way, you develop your own program of revitalization that is taking place in accordance with you and your cosmic plan. Each of us is unique and has its own program and its own way, that’s why we can not compare the situation among ourself and the results. We have just a small amount of related guidelines to help you, but we ourselves are the creators of their health and life.

It is irresponsible to promise miracle solutions, because we do not know what path you have chosen, but I support you with your decisions.

I work in accordance with the cosmic ethics, in accordance with this physical dimension, meaning that ‘I can’, ‘I want’, ‘I wish’ those words are rising from my egotrip. Therefore, I devote my energies to the extent that you can accept them and so far I had the ability at any given time to deliver knowledge, experience and cosmic energy. You always have a free will decision-making! Mine is only acceptance.

Everything happens for a specific purpose, at the right time in the right place and with the right people.

A hug from the heart!

Mateja Vavtar


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