Those who creates peace in our strongest force – sexual energy so it runs continuously in the circulation, has connected into harmony of creation of the cosmic forces. My own experience!

Sexual energy is the cosmic creator of everything new and of course on the other hand is the force that can destroys all existing and with it prepares a place for a rebirth. This force is exceptional! The old Indians have paid much attention to nurturing the sexual force, because they knew that with it they do not regulate themselves, but the entire cosmos! But they were not the only ones – the old Chinese and Japanese have built on these fundamentals, and now the nearest known and used knowledge is Tantric knowledge. However, the distance between single natural sexual intercourse to satisfy the desires and needs, and tantric sexual relations is very big. By developing and exploring our self and the partner can awaken the formidable skills of cultivating this beautiful force.

The first step is accepting yourself and to be in the moment! Modern times require a lot of adjustments from us and reconciliation, it constantly reminds us how we are not perfect and many things we need to change, until we are accepted in society. It forces us the image of women and men, which are far from us. At the same time we do not have the time – not even for love! Therefore we are already behind on the starting line faced with many barriers.

Stand before a mirror and look at yourself – you are unique and unrepeatable creature! There is no equal! Your body is a reflection of your life, it holds all of our records! Your eyes are the code of your soul, your hands are there to embraces you, your chest to protect your big heart – full of love, your belly is a treasury of all your thoughts and feelings, your sexual organs are the home of creation, your feet are silent and loyal support columns for life! You are the best and the winners, because you are here at this moment with me!

Let us start to accept your body. Drop your clothes, and smile to the mirror! It all starts with a touch! Adore your body and touch it! Listen to your touch and your body how it responds. Touch is beneficial! If the touch is firm, it provides security as well if you are held by your father so you do not fall down! If it is a delicate and subtle it brings you into the depths of your astral body! Hidden feelings then wake up to the memories of the first soft, gentle touch of mother’s hands and skin contact of the babies cheeks on a mothers breast. So caress and explore your body, but when you build the legend of your own touches you can pass them to your partner. Allow yourself to explore touching with your partner. On it we build confidence in our self and others.

Here is the key to your confidence that everything is safe and is allowed! How many are you so spontaneous right now at this moment to let the things fly on their own? I know you will find a thousand excuses but this is only an escape from your own trust and security. Let’s be gentle with our self since we all first detect our records of traumas and fears and not just in this life, but even from all of the previous ones. Breathing will help you – close your eyes and continue with your touch, just breathe. Breath is the first step in this world and the last at our departure. Therefore, this should be a sacred act – breathing! The rhythm of breathing will calm down and it will be coordinated with your heart rhythm. With it you will create a space for the next step, spontaneous leakage.

Relaxed and devoted, in contact with the body we surrender to the research of our body. At this time you can explore a completely new dimension! Everything is being reborn, and it builds a new world for you and the cosmos. You have a magical power inside of you. Allow yourself to create with love. Every breath you inhale and exhale will round up the energy in the cosmos and each of your heartbeat will circle the blood in your body. You are part of the cosmic rhythm that spirally lifts and continually creates new worlds.

Let’s go deeper, our breathing is being accompanied by the sounds of quiet comfort. The voice is a vibration and in addition to light, extreme force of creation. How many times is our voice ignored, weak and powerless, or even silent as a scream trapped inside of our body? Now it is here and has its own space and time to express! When breathing and relaxation, allow yourself to miss out on the voice that gives you the power. The power of expression! Maybe you will be afraid of your own voice, but proceed and you will meet with yourself and that person will be your companion on the journey! Now you’re in a new world, and this world joyfully welcomes you!

Open your eyes, breathe and we are sliding with our fingers around the body, we are the biggest artist who slides on the canvas, consisting of thousands of matrices! We paint, and with it we gently breathe and create a song of comfort.

»You are the cosmic artist that with his painting and music creates a new image of the loving acceptance and allows to be in the the cosmic matrix!«

Female energy and male energy are one with each other

Divine or the image of God is written in every human being, because we are made in God’s image. However, the quality of both the energies are different and complementary. Old cultures have taught us that one without the other can not exist. In modern times the energy of women is hard, martial, and use full power to demonstrate and occupy the place in society that gives women a certain status position and the possibility of survival. Our lives have been, throughout history always full of challenges, losses and suffering. With this knowledge, we got to know our inner strength and built personalities. In the cosmic circle, we have achieved our development and rose into positions where you can gain more and more knowledge and thus different lives in different dimensions. However, I would say that the woman in modern times has decided this exceptionally demanding role. Its energy is set on the edge of gentleness, tenderness, compassion and often wisdom, which was always determination of women in the mature period or age.

Why such a role? In the universe everything is always in harmony or cosmic balance. Therefor in the past, the cosmic balance of the balance sheet – Divine males and divine females, that we can trace back to the times, pre-Christian times, during the period of ancient Egypt, the ancient Greeks and Romans, ancient Slavic tribes, Celts …
And not to mention; I lean highly on elevated masculine energy a man of God and Jesus, and on the other hand the sinful woman who was that Eve marked by her original sin. Harrowing are the stories when we step into the matrix of the dark Middle Ages, when all aspects of women becomes the devil’s work and are persecuted at every turn. Therefore, there comes a moment when the cosmic scales set back the balance. And it happened very quickly in the 60s of the twentieth century with the emancipation, which came rushing with the roughness and martial power equality.

Women and men are now fumble and are coordinated by a newly created role and position. The addaptations are still ongoing, as well as the control of the cosmic scales. Since we are in a time of awakening the Divine women, we women will be met with the test to return our grace, tenderness, recognize the virtue of wise women. With it we put a woman into a gorgeous position, which enables a man to recognize his divine woman again! Woman was more demanding in primary energy and also stronger in the aspect of energy, in order to ensure offsprings. Prosces of conception, pregnancy and birth are exceptional energies and their power can not be reached by men. But this power carries grace with it , tenderness, love and compassion, which are of an exceptional quality! A man also carries shades of all these energies, but theirs primary aspects are power, security, struggle for survival and dedication. We women are going to be faces with our own decisions, how we create and live our future, but already at this moment it has a strong tendency to return to its primary divine female. I believe that with this compassion, respect and support we will develope into these divine females, and thus reinstate the cosmic balance.

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