School of entering the matrix of space and time

“In each of us are hidden potentials to enter and read the matrix.”

Each and everyone of us is connected with matrix and a vast group of cosmos matrix. All information is written down and accessible by us with purpose to understand each other and our relationships.

Matrices are interweaving and touching the information from all areas of our lives. With entering the matrix we rise awareness of events, relationships and decisions and also we can reach out into past lives.


At school we go on a journey to discovering your potentials and ways of reading the matrix.

Get acquainted with the following topics:

          1. Who am I and why am I here
          1. The matrix of space and time – satisfy your senses
          1. Intuition, canals of perceptions, dreams, symbols, inner vision
          1. The matrix of space and time – enter into the code of cosmic ethics
          1. Legend of perceptions – for you and to work on yourself
          1. Matrix in nature, place, other people and other dimensions
          1. Enter into the matrix of space and time – Usage in any moment

The program is indicative and depending on the group and progress of each participant’s also customizable. It is possible to apply the integration of new contents or the extension of certain assembly, to facilitate the understanding and conquering knowledge.

Everything in our world is holy geometry. Fibonacci sequence, golden ratio. Da Vinci knew what is going on. Every cell in our body, our relationships is connected by geometric form.

Everything is going on right now and here.

Let’s connect to intuition.