Traveler between worlds – Mateja Vavtar. She dedicated herself to discover and research worlds that are around us or sleeping inside us. Every day feels like something will be seen for the first time, something still innocent and unknown. That’s why she says that most of the time, everything to her feels like Christmas time and she’s the little child filled with pleasant surprises, waiting on “todays” presents. She is never bored, and carries a spark in her eyes, which she shares with all of the people she works with or is in touch with.

We need an open heart because we are all teachers and students to each other, and that needs sincerity and respect, these traits are highly valued among us, people. kvalitet.

With the privilege of reading matrix of space and time you gain the experience not to judge people: Each of us has walked their own path of different trails and learning situations, which can be very intense for every individual and we handle those situations the best know and the best way we can. Matrix of space and time will teach acceptance and appreciation with gratitude for all the bravely fought battles of one. To IT we are wonderful and unique beings and extremely important in the cosmical mosaic. We are perfect in everything we are, created from the divine creation in this moment! Wounds, scars that we carry with us everywhere we go, reveal to the matrix of space and time and therapeutically transform through conscious conversation. Heart vibration of an experienced guide through matrix is the vibration that leads the process of transformation. And not only that, it’s important to work with compassion in heart vibration, which is itself the strongest force of the transformation.

Everyone that lives here with its own reincarnation, here on our green-blue sphere – Earth, has an amazing opportunity to experience, RIGHT NOW, an accelerated raising of consciousness.

What does that mean? To confront with the realization that we can discover in ourselves ancient-knowledge, old wisdom, invoke past experiences, or modern knowledge, and remember how a multi-dimensional matrix works and thus form our own path of life and we pave the path to everyone we know. We choose it by our own will, current time is wonderful time of piercing into higher dimensions of consciousness, with it every past experience is aligned and together it allows personal progression, and progression of a civilization. The matrix of space and time has been a particular challenge for many years, and always a more respectable knowledge, which is constantly changing, upgrading and shaping. Through the daily interaction with people and situations, the records and the functioning of the matrix are revealed. The matrix of space and time is a living energy field containing a hologram formation. In it reflects the wisdom what’s above, is also below, which is outside, is inside. To us a familiar term Akasa – cosmic library, is now becoming more and more accessible to all individuals, irrespective of their status, education, or, as we like to say, “spiritual knowledge.” The planetary system itself moves into an upgrade of the dimension, and thus also brings all its inhabitants into the rise of consciousness.

How the matrix works and which possibilities it offers of accessing and reading information depends on the development of each individual’s consciousness.

We all carry potential in ourselves! Therefore, inside of us are starting to activate receptors of perceptions, such as pineal gland or the third eye, hypothalamus, thalamus, adrenal glands, and most importantly – the heart. As extremely sensible strings inside the body, that receive information from higher consciousness and are projected into the active life on a physical level through our consciousness. The information that is accepted can be read in several channels of detection: seeing, hearing, sensing, behaving, or in combination of these detection channels. It can also be felt as a whole spectrum, but that trait is possessed by a small number of people. The language of the information received can be real or symbolic. A special charm is the discovery of the symbolic language, which is currently widely used in the computer language, and is much more familiar with young generations, but in reality it is suitable for building a completely different communication at a higher level of consciousness.

Entering and reading the matrix of space and time is available at every moment.

It takes decades of eavesdropping for a precisely shaped sensibility and to control and select the needed information, to analyze the symbolic language and translating it into the language of life, here and now. Events, and experiences from previous lives, situations in these or parallel worlds are stored in the matrix as we store files on our computers. Reading options are open everywhere, entry and reading are enabled for those who feel that they need information to upgrade in personality growth. The matrix of space and time is a multi-layered frequency network that interwoven through the infinite mass of information into all dimensions and is under extremely intense activity! For this reason, it is possible to access information about nature, energy fields of places, buildings, or living organisms, humans, animals, plants, macro levels and even micro-levels, such as cells, atoms … Understanding this information gives us, through consciousness, awareness, the possibility of changing our current frequency, and thus changing and correcting, personal matrix and, consequently, collective matrix of space and time. We usually go on the path with matrix of space and time when keys of our life lead us to circumstances, that lead us directly to the matrix with big turns in our life. When we really get to her, we may not know in a day or two, perhaps not even in a week or a month, on what kind of path we stepped on. But the worlds that are becoming visible and understandable to it are an experience that was always in front of our nose, yet so painfully separated from us. It is precisely this, the connection with our answers, the connection with the people, the connection with the whole universe, the visible and the invisible, the nature and the externalities, is the essence of this wonderful tool that gives us the ability to be read by everyone and at any time. Right now. Particular pleasure is reading the matrix of space and time of Slovenia. Symbols and mythology are unveiling and are telling us deeper stories about us, our past and the laws of the cosmos that determine us. Places and impressions of the past, show us the directions of the future, they just need to be read and understood. Slovenia is an exceptional gem on this planet. An invisible parallel thread – the matrix of the Greek island of Crete is like a switch for the energized glow, which, in its rich mythology, reveals in the symbolic language what the tasks of the present generation are. She recently returned from there, she leaves again in autumn, in September and October, in the plethora of delicacies offered by the vast and time of this luxurious south. Accepted messages that she brings and interweaves into a network of invisible connections, so that our civilization creates and lives easier in this space and time. Mateja Vavtar

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