The matrix of space and time, is a frequency of cosmic structure of interwoven mesh in my current understanding. In this matrix is constant vibration, motion and rotation in the spiral rhythm. Matrix vibrates every moment, and inside it are all the ideas, information, and data. We use a variety of other terms such as: dimensions, Akasa, hologram, but it all depends on understanding the individual’s perception and acceptance of the current state of consciousness. To me the closest is the matrix of space and time. Space and time are the two components that can anchor points for reason as seeming constants, where we can stop somehow or limit something. But all this is only artificial, illusory, but also very real. Because we want to understand our perceptions, ideas and information on a rational level – so we feel safe. All these ideas and information are available under certain conditions. Conditions are letting go and awareness. The conscious presence at a given moment.


We carry both physical organs and physical-energy points of perception to read, receive and understanding of the information from the matrix. These are the pituitary gland, pineal gland, heart and nadi channel, chakras, auric field, and many other receptor perceptions. Also an all-encompassing, endless matrix (everything)consists of an exceptional and fantastic system of frequency networks in which there are prints, records and data files. Individual matrices we highlight them and read them because they are easier to comprehend through reasonable channel. Through the intuitive channel things are much wider and deeper, and can be expressed in the symbolic language or reasonable language.

My first encounter with the perceptions that I enter into the matrix were initially on a unconscious level. It was a dream, in my childhood when I was talking and living a parallel life.I spoke a lot in my dreams in an incomprehensible language, or sang. Later kinda dispersed and temporary hid somewhere. During the difficult moments the information from the matrix appeared still unconscious, like dreaming with open eyes.They said I have a vivid imagination! Later in my life came the people who have taught me various methods or procedures for the entry in the matrix. Energy practices, meditation, breathing exercises, and in particular the state of complete inner peace.

In each of us are hidden potentials to enter and read the matrix. It once was the knowledge that was practised and used much more then today. Long time ago sometime before 7000 b.c. we focused on the exploration of matter and the physical dimension and this is intuition detection withdrew itself from reasonable interpretation of the information contained in the matrix of space and time. Because the time is coming into Aquarian cycle of the earth we are beginning to awake again this intuitive knowledge, because Aquarius is a symbol of air. Much deeper we will connect through non-physical systems of perception. That is why I also created my own school School of entering the matrix of space and time, where through extreme approaches we let go to the perceptions and develop our own receptors perceptions. With this knowledge we are travellers through space and time which allow us to understand how the system of frequencies works around us, and with that knowledge becomes life different – with a lot more respect and understanding support ourself and everyone around us as places and creatures. For example, if you allow open reading matrix of your land, you can get the information you will be presented with the energies of your land and records of events from the past or power points. With this information place yourself easier onto it and your family with your intentions and in every moment of life in space which is revealed to you will be pleasant. So you do not build a house there, where for example, in the past was a cemetery or bedroom set on the underground water flow, to cite as an extreme example.

With such knowledge we can help each other creatures around us, our mother Earth and all the cosmos.

Initially, they were my biggest moments of peace, when I was touring different places and meditating or just resting in my mind came an incredible amount of information with high speed and volume! Initially, I was shocked because I did not understand. Later, when I started working with my own teachers, I began to collect the answers. When I was accepting perceptions and information, I as a self-taught I have let myself go to my own stream entering the matrix. Entry and read the matrix is for me like adventure in a new and unknown world! Each step is remarkable, because it never provided maps, it is always a step into the unknown. But even still amazing new, wonderful world of information, whether it is the place matrix, the matrix of humans, animals or plantation array or matrix of crystals! Now I look differently to everything that surrounds me, from creatures to stones. Yes the stone has its own matrix! In wandering through towns, which is still one of my favourite things to do, I am faced with information which can be followed chronologically as films on canvas, not only with a picture and sound but also with feelings and information in the background! I wrote them down and many of them it was possible to check historically. It gave me confirmation that I am on the right track!


It is interesting to receive information through a symbolic language – that is for me still the most beautiful exploration! Places are often represented through symbols and must be translated into reasonable language. These data, when compiled and processed reveals the hidden historical or publicly known information. With all this work it is necessary to respect and to follow cosmic ethics. Most of these data, I only accept and express gratitude to the information received. In some cases I can help to better understand the specific energy of the place and thus to keep a greater harmony of energy conservation in the area.

Personal knowledge of the matrix is always associated with Matrices collective consciousness. We are never separated from the collective consciousness, we are constantly part of it. They are in constant interweaving. I quote an example. When we understand that our personal matrix includes fears and traumas from the model of life of a free and responsible women, a reflection of the records of the past, when we were oppressed woman, without any rights, we better understand each moment when that trauma awakens and hinders us in life. Example, you want your child, but do not become pregnant. In you is a constant fear of how you will look after him – with this fear so greatly hinder your energy into present life, despite all the assurances by doctors that told you everything is aright, until pregnancy occurs. By entering your personal matrix, read and clued information, which is written from the past – a slave girl without any rights to the child exclusively from rapes of the master. Now that you understand where your fears comes from and simply by recognizing and raising awareness, retransfrom the trauma of the past, let your mental body, through a process of revitalization and “unlock” scrambled patterns encoded and let the flow of life energy, which makes pregnancy possible. Because the pattern is highly bound to several segments of trauma – exploitation, rejection, rejection, abuse, loneliness, and much more, are the patterns that we have not taken only as individuals, but as a whole generation and so are collectively recorded in collective consciousness. When you raise awareness of personal patterns and solve them, we do that in a domino effect, also at all other levels, including in the collective. If I work for myself, I work for all!

I described two extreme cases where the trauma is so deep and extremely difficult, as individual and collective record. Transmission of this information is very important because it is necessary to have a deep respect for fellow human beings and to that information. To someone whose I transfer information from the matrix of space and time, must feel safe all the time, without a sense of threat or guilt of the past. A clear understanding of information material is necessary, and the passing on to work with the subtle energy that allows any analysis and research, free space. Questions are welcoming and can guide to the direction of reading and identifying the matrix. I help others understand, analyse and raise awareness of the information contained in the matrix, and we work together to receive a new decision. The cosmos everyone has free will and free decision-making, so I do not make decisions on behalf of clients! There are certain exceptions, such as babies, or people in a coma or special conditions, and animals, which requires a completely different approach and cooperation. Respect and support, and understanding are the foundations for a good, trustworthy customer relationships and for me, as an intuitive counsellor and healer. With that I accept this responsibility for myself and for everyone involved, including energy, that come during that time. There are also cases when I am not called into a matrix of space and time. I respect that and I is a clear sign that this is my protection.

The matrix also contains information that is recorded at the global level for the entire civilization. In temples, shrines, on sacred places the message may be revealed for our humanity. So also we receive information of the balance of cosmic forces such as masculine and feminine energy.

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