My childhood was filled with wonderful stories. Grandma told them to me every night. I imagined them like they were reality. At night I was singing and talking in my dreams and walked and almost flew. I stayed a dreamer but only some visions received their own place in my everyday life. About sixteen years ago I started doing deep meditations in which I saw stories and they appeared to me as films. I visited places my native land as an old pilgrim, talking to mother earth and she rewarded me greatly. This is where I first encountered cosmic symbolic, power of energy codes and created a legend perceptions.


I meditated in that time only with my eyes closed. Eight years ago my meditations received a new dimension. I haven’t worked with my eyes closed for a long time. Just a thought of inner concentration to receive information was enough to open secret knowledge. I didn’t know how to say or explain all these visions back then. Everything that I’ve experienced, is still around and new things happen every day. No matter whether it is talking with the archangels, guides or deceased ancestors, place, or situation of a business meeting. Other dimensions that are here and now are opening up to me, at the same time as our virtual reality. Of course, if I am called to receive information. Putting it into words what I am and where I get the information, was a riddle for me a few years ago. Even the greatness and power of information were sometimes so intense for me that I was afraid of myself. Occasionally it was scary because the information was so accurate, even though they were forwarded through the symbolic language, so even others would have frightened me. Fortunately I have been endowed with the quality of communication, respect and honesty.These principles are most important for me in their mutual relations and I strictly follow them when working with of human beings, energy beings from other dimensions and all the places, spaces and times.

»When you’re on the right path, all the doors will open up for you!«

Through my work and my personal maturation, time and space developed ,grew at the same time with me, and we offer a multitude of rational answers. Within myself, I knew the answers, but I can hardly explained to people around me. Everything is a single frequency network, which is interlocked with the most accuracy, same with space, and all the relationships within it. Coincidence is the key! Personally we are never separated, and as above, so within and I was in everything and everything is in me, it was clear and confirmed in every moment of my perceptions, only I could not explain it I didn’t know how. But when you step on the right path, all of the doors will themselves – we all grew inside space and time! So now, at my stage of rational and intuitive perception the best answer who I am and what I do: “I am a being with full consciousness, with the deepest respect, entering the matrix of space and time and accepting knowledge that is at this moment suited for me the surroundings and this time. ”

»I am not alone – we are all one with the other.«

In all these years of travel between dimensions, I met many interesting people, all my teachers, and I am grateful to them. At the same time I am faced with a multitude of people who have a lot of perceptions and receive information, similar like me. A lot of people ask me, many of them deal with fears afterwards, what to do with all this information. They call me and look forward to understanding how they function and how the matrix’s frequency networks work, which is multidimensional, and our minds understand it just as much as the anchor of our rational knowledge. It is much easier to understand the matrix through the channel of intuition. At the initiative of certain individuals and all of the above written, I have decided to pass on my knowledge, experiences, perceptions, ways, methods and philosophy. I am a complete self taught. Everything I share, I have experienced and tested on myself or in part with others.

The various techniques of ancient Japanese knowledge, Tibetan meditation, philosophy with roots from the cabal, I operate and unveil the mystery for sixteen years. In all these years I accumulated over 2,000 consultations in the form of personal interviews in full consciousness.

Entering the matrix of space and time I practice every day, but by the principles of cosmic ethics and not from curiosity. It is this cosmic code of ethics I want to specifically detail to my students in my school. Every comparisons with other schools symbolism, interpretation of dreams, the intuitive receive information, meditations for opening the internal viewing or methods regression therapy or hypnosis are very relative. All my knowledge is acquired through myself and through working with others, in any case, due to the matrix passing from personal to collective consciousness, in the cosmic consciousness, without a place and time.

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