Dear ones, welcome to my counseling!

With the information you get by entering the matrix of space and time, advice for solving different patterns that can be seen in the disease, infertility, partnership, work and all other areas that you can perceive at this moment.

Through casual conversation with me, I pass the information that is currently located in your personal matrix. They may interact with a variety of other matrices. They give us only the information that is important to you at this moment, and in a way that is most convenient for both of us – me, as a reader and a messanger and you, as the recipient.

You receive the information, they raise awareness and change that information into new patterns. By understanding the bigger picture of your personal matrix, you have a much more harmonious pursue on the rainbow of life. Difficult and traumatic patterns will untangle and a lot of people around you that you had in karmic loop, will be easier to understand as you loosen your own karmic loop.


It is irresponsible to promise miracle solutions, because we do not know what path you have chosen, but I support you in your decisions.

I work in accordance with the cosmic ethics, in accordance with this physical dimension, meaning that ‘I can’, ‘I want’, ‘I wish’ those words are rising from my egotrip. Therefore, I devote my energies to the extent that you can accept them and so far I had the ability at any given time to deliver knowledge, experience and cosmic energy. You always have a free will decision-making! Mine is only acceptance.

On the counseling you can prepare by being calm and to sit down and do a few breaths of exhalation. Then imagine your questions and let them fly in your mind. If there are many or as chaotic, take a piece of paper and write them down. that way you will be peaceful when you come to a personal counseling, or when you send mail with a request for answers.

Everything happens for a specific purpose, at the right time in the right place and with the right people.

A hug from the heart!

Mateja Vavtar

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