Mateja Vavtar, heart healer

Mateja is a deep and wise woman, the kind of woman today’s world needs. And not just because of the knowledge she possesses from spiritual area which she helps others but also because of her own experiences that teach her from childhood on. Precisely solving her own barriers that life bestowed upon her people feel close to her. As she explains herself she feels naked in front of another people.


On the path of research and learning led her own personal experience. Started with reiki it was the entry point to visualization. After that she practices massages: reflexology massage, back and metamorphic technique, at that point she also started to think a bit differently. NLP (Neuro-linguistic programming) techniques came across her path and also special bonding with the earth energy. On education by dr. Jett Luizzi of freiburg institute for intuition her own intuition bloomed to amazing lengths. After that Mateja passed “intensive enlightenment” at Ž.M. Slavinskem, researcher and teacher of alternative psychotherapy methods, Hermetic, spiritual technology and shamanism.

Revelation and usage of Hatamara Merkava method changed her life (Hatmara Merkava is transformation of imaginable patterns, non-living energy into living). This method was invented Naomi Imber Feinberg from Israel.

Mateja today works mostly with hearts energy. She came to the point that no tool, no philosophy not even methods can give her that which she lived trough and experienced by her own. All of this she builds together with grace and respect to everything. That is the only way she can work, because she knows her help is almost meaningless if she doesn’t have a clear and opened heart.

With entering the matrix of time and space she gains vision of places, events and persons. Mateja can see the aura of a person that stands before her and read images from the past and also knows how to harmonize surrounding energy to make a place feel nicer and cosier.

Mateja can enter the matrix of space and time, and discover and transform non-living patterns. Places are a form for her and feels like talking with another person. Each space of time (mostly from nature) is shown Matejas gratitude for being inside it. She also thanks for each information, visions that she receives from the place.